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About PGK

PGK, Incorporated was established in 1984. The name was derived from the first initials of last names of the three founders; Prummer, Goe and Kornett (PGK). A market for a reliable, low cost, liquid level controller was needed. PGK was formed and established their first product: the LA3000; a low cost, reliable, easy to use and repair liquid level control kit. A few years later, after customer requests, PGK introduced the LA2000 liquid level sensor. They worked to develop and build a reliable liquid level switch designed for fluid process control systems. The original application for PGKs level sensors was used in lift pump stations. These have been our two core products.

In 1986, PGK moved into the control of Bette Goe as a woman-owned family business. She has been managing operations up through 2004, when it was released to her daughter and son-in-law Mike and Lisa Woodruff, keeping the business in the family. Mike and Lisa strive to keep the small company character while planning to expand the business to keep up with the growing market. We look forward to the challenge of variations of our units for our expanding customer base.

PGKs goal has always been to provide a high quality, dependable, field friendly controllers and sensors to the consumer. Our focus of great customer service will continue to meet or exceed expectations. Today youll find PGK in many industrial and home applications such as: breweries, canneries, septic systems, water holding tanks, potato washing facilities, car washes, wastewater management systems, and plating shops. Our products stand up to many rigorous and varied applications.

Mission Statement

PGK, Inc strives to increase global customer awareness of our field friendly, low cost, reliable liquid level control products. We aim to exceed customer expectations by providing exceptional customer service, durable quality products and expeditious delivery to satisfy emergent needs.


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